How do you communicate enhancements made to Google Workspace (GW) with your team members? | C2C Community

How do you communicate enhancements made to Google Workspace (GW) with your team members?

  • 8 April 2021
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I am the Product Owner for Google Workspace in my organization.  I lead a team of over 320+ volunteers who we have named Google Guides to help me facilitate communication, evangelization, tips and tricks as well as helping team members become productive utilizing Google Workspace tools.  Our company acquires companies frequently and it seems as though we are always in the process of transitioning new teams onto Google Workspace, typically from a Microsoft environment.

The Google Guides started out as a small team of professionals in our organization who volunteered to help us pilot Google Workspace (G Suite at the time), evangelize our company’s decision to move away from Microsoft to Google and help team members worldwide transition.  As many of you know, often times team members transition enthusiastically but more often than not, they go kicking and screaming!  LOL

My role is to make that transition more comfortable, to train, provide tips and tricks, lead our Google Guides organization, which now includes a Subject Matter Expert for each Google Workspace application.  All of this team building was created out of a “need” since we had 11,000 (now 24,000) team members worldwide and I could not manage everything on my own.  So now we have a Google Guide SME for Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep & Tasks, Spanish and many more (22 SMEs in all)!

I’d love to meet others who do the same type of work as I do and to learn how you communicate Google Workspace updates made to your domain each month.  How have you trained your team members? What resources do you provide them?  And, I am ready and very willing to share my journey as well!

Please reach out via LinkedIn!

3 replies

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@steve-c2c can you get @JodiMCarroll introduced into the C2C Workspace crew. Perhaps @Fintan Murphy and @PaulRLees can also plug you into some folks who have experience leading the migrations. 

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Hi @JodiMCarroll welcome to C2C Google Workspace.

DM me over at we can schedule a call and help you navigate the world to Google Workspace change management. We (C2C UK and Ireland) are doing a C2C session on change management on the 20th May, so it's perfect timing to speak and share ideas and thoughts.

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This sounds like a great topic to host a monthly Workspace connect call around. Given @JodiMCarroll is open to sharing her journey and how she currently manages “the kicking and screaming”. It would be a great session for others to learn more about how you set up this SME network and the roles they play. Perhaps after we can panel a few others with Jodi, who lead similar lives for their orgs to answer questions and swap ideas on what best looks like in each org. 

Leave behind for community members joining in are a few different frameworks to consider to accelerate their own capabilities within their orgs. Sounds like @PaulRLees and @ilias have a solid first session on change management setup in a few weeks. Let’s see if Jodi can make it for some introductions and then talk shop after that on the topic.