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Inconsistent Google Account Email / Security Policies (+-Aliases)

  • 9 April 2021
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Can someone please go out and ask a Googler why for gods sake a +-Alias (say is treated as an actual ALIAS to the primary account BUT in case of creating a new unmanaged gmail account? 


  • It works in Calendar
  • It works in Meet
  • It works in Drive
  • It (obviously) works in Emails. 

Why is the account creation flow just … you know … IGNORING it? 


Thanks for coming to my RANT-Talk 

4 replies

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@Dale Rossi  @emreknlk  can you guys answer or connect @dominikkugelmann with someone who can solve his Friday conundrum above? Aliases are cool and all when you are in the CIA, not so much when it is laying claim to your primary account. 


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So you want to be able to block creation of Google accounts using +whatever trick?


If so, yea unmanaged accounts creation is a head scratcher for sure especially if a domain administrator verified the domain and have MX records pointed at Google. Dealing with unmanaged accounts finally saw some improvements in the past few months too.

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I want Google to block it. I don't want wonky workarounds or email quarantines. It should just be blocked...

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100%. Let me see if somebody was able to get an internal issue created for that.