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[Job] Looking for Developer to Create Google Workspace App

  • 16 September 2021
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My name is David Silva and I’m the Head of Technology for Definely, a legal tech startup providing a tool to help draft, review, and understand legal documents.  I’m looking for a Google Workspace developer to assist our team in creating a Google Docs add-on.  If anyone is interested or know a potential candidate, please contact me directly.


4 replies

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@Charles @sauranu @Abhinava_Bhat @k3beros @Alfons is this something up your alley?

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Oh this sounds interesting. 

Are you looking for a freelancer, consultant, or a full time person? 

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@dominikkugelmann We looking for a freelancer or full time person.  

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I work for Refractiv, a Google Cloud Partner. We have deep integration experience with Google Workspace and have our own product Overdrive which uses Google Docs extensively. If you are interested we could help on a project basis which might be more cost-effective.