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Showing what you can do with Apps Script

  • 24 February 2021
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I’m a big fan of Google’s Apps Script which enables each and every user to automate tasks, workflows and data handling for the different Google Workspace apps. 


I regularly publish video tutorials on Apps Script and I always make sure to explain my code. I believe that the users shouldn’t just by copying my code but rather I want them to understand the underlying concepts so that they can start writing code of their own.


:movie_camera: This is my latest video where I replicate an Apps Script automation script I actually use for my own YouTube reporting. 




1 reply

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Thanks for sharing @chanelgreco! FYI, I made a minor edit to your post, updating the URL so the video would embed in the post for people to watch right here. Not sure why the platform wasn’t showing the embed with your shortened link; I’ll look into it. 

If you’d like meto change it back, just let me know.