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Unable to change sharing, greyed out gear icon: "settings are disabled for public links"

  • 8 March 2022
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I am unable to change sharing option to “public” in Get Link window. Last year it worked fine.

Are perhaps Google new security policies preventing me from embedding a public link?

9 replies

I hope someone can help me


Hi, are you trying to share a link to your document that can be viewed by anyone? If so, it looks like you’ve already done that - the option of “anyone with the link” shows up in your screenshot as being selected.

If you copy that link and embed it elsewhere then the document should be visible to the general public if they click on the link.

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Hello @ArjenvdE ! For starters I had a look on this thread: https://support.google.com/drive/thread/44784647/settings-are-restricted-for-public-links?hl=en


Please let me know if it helps. Can you even click on “Copy Link”? as @Priya suggested? 

@dominikkugelmann have you perhaps come across this before?

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Thought to give a shout to @Gabriel Hoces and @alan.muntadas - in case you’ve come across this before? 

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Google Docs can no-longer be indexed by Google search (except when the link is being posted publicly). That’s what that gear icon setting used to do.

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It looks like your Google Workspace admin has disabled “public” links sharings (via the Google Admin Console). The reason probably being that it helps enhance data security and is often needed for compliance purposes. Imagine if someone shared employee details with a public link - that wouldn’t be good.  

When it comes to best-practices, I suggest you share on an individual level or use “target audience” when sharing with multiple users - and always follow the principle of least privilege. That is, give only people the least accesses needed to do their job. 


We have created a webinar together with @chanelgreco about the safest file-sharing strategies for Google Workspace. 



Hope this helps : ) 


Thank you all for your response. I need to embed my PDF with an HTML iframe link so anyone w/o sign-in can see it on my website. My site is www.lifeseed.life. Still have not found a solution…


Priya, last year I had a PDF brochure embedded on a page on my website. I used the “embed item” option available when file is “open in new window”. It worked fine last year. Now sign in password dialogue pops up.