We started a new Workspace show! Here is Episode 1 of 27º | C2C Community

We started a new Workspace show! Here is Episode 1 of 27º

  • 27 April 2021
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Hello C2C Community!

We haven’t met yet, but my name is Troy Edwards and I’m an Account Manager at SADA - a premier Google Cloud partner in North America.

For the last two-months my colleague (and all-star Google Workspace Specialist) Rowan Manson and I have been working on a top secret project and today we get to share with you Episode 1 of 27º - our angle on Google Workspace

In this brand new informative and entertaining video series from SADA, you are invited to join us as we dive into Workspace and explore the important role that productivity and collaboration play in our lives today. Each episode will follow the same structure; three 9-minute segments to keep our episodes to 27-minutes (see what we did there?) and we’ll feature:

  1. Workspace roadmap updates 🔄 
  2. SADA customer stories 📚
  3. Product demos and/or Jamboard sessions👨💻

New episodes will be dropping every two-weeks and we would be thrilled for you to follow along with our journey and progression as hosts of this brand new form of content for Google Workspace. 

Please share your feedback with us at 27@sada.com

2 replies

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This is awesome, @Troy Edwards, and exactly the sort of thing we want content creators to share on our C2C Shape page as we crowdsource what the community recommends as the top content around each topic. Please continue to share these videos as episodes come out!

Community members: If you find this episode helpful and would recommend it others interested in Workspace, give it an upvote above. Eventually we’ll create lists of top content as recommended by you our community. 

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This is a really awesome stream just like it was described in the post. Thanks, @Troy Edwards  for sharing such wonderful Google Workspace updates.